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What you have always wanted to know about Orange Wings

Why "Orange Wings"?

Orange Wings owes its name to the inspiration of a creative member of the team at the List Group, which developed and implemented the hotel concept and is now the operator of the Orange Wings hotels. A widely travelled member of staff had experienced many hotels all over the world. He summed up his experiences like this:

“There are golden hotels: where there is caviar in every room when you get there and the name of the hotel is engraved on every spare inch of the hotel. Other hotels are dark green: stags antlers hang suspended from the walls and your hostess herself serves the meal at dinner time. If you arrive later than 10pm there are reproachful looks – if they let you in at all. Finally, there are hotels that are white: the atmosphere is almost sterile and the check-in procedure alone takes more than half an hour. When I am a business traveller I would prefer an orange hotel.“

But why orange, you might ask? As did his colleagues:

“Orange for me says simple, uncomplicated, modern and good quality. I want to arrive whenever I want. I want to depart whenever I wish. I want to work in my room and surf the internet, or perhaps I want to do nothing at all apart from watching TV. I do not want to pay astronomical rates, but I do not want to have to look for the toilet and shower down the hallway. Why is nobody building such a beautiful, modern, orange hotel complex?“

In the end, the entire business had decided that they also would like to travel “orange“, thus an innovative hotel concept was born. Since the first designs of the architect looked as if the building would take to the air at any minute, the moniker “Orange Wings” was coined – and that's how it has stayed.

The hotels

The first Orange Wings hotel opened its doors in Krems in 2003. The house provides 46 standard rooms, 4 apartments and 2 wheelchair accessible rooms. 3 spacious conference rooms make the hotel a popular home for conferences and meetings.

In April 2004 the second hotel was established at the Arena Nova area in Wiener Neustadt. The hotel was built in approximately 10 weeks. 96 standard rooms, 2 wheelchair accesible rooms and 7 apartments are available at the Orange Wings hotel in Wiener Neustadt.

The third Orange Wings hotel in Vienna is in planning stages with the opening scheduled for 2009.

Orange Wings essentials

Orange Wings is the smart choice at a low price.
Orange Wings offers fantastic cost effectiveness.
Orange Wings is uncomplicated.
Orange Wings is modern, fresh and comfortable.
Orange Wings is being at home.
Orange Wings is not multicorporate
Orange Wings offers the capacity even for large groups.
Orange Wings stands for consistent high standards.
Orange Wings offers modern technologies.
Orange Wings’ offers are unique.
Orange Wings is available 24 hours a day for its guests.


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