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General Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions are valid for all customers, guests of all kinds, all legal relationships and all availing themselves to the accommodation and Orange Wings services in any way. Upon the booking enquiry the contract partner acknowledges these general terms and conditions.

1. Conclusion of the contract

The contract (accommodation, breakfast, consumption contracts etc) is valid upon the transmission of the reservation confirmation of the relevant Orange Wings site.

2. Prices

All prices put on notice etc. by Orange Wings are valid. Orange Wings reserves the right to change prices if more than 90 days lie between the conclusion of the contract and the use of the service.

3. Arrival and departure

In general, contract partners are free (depending on availability) to arrive at all hours. Rooms are available from 3pm on the arranged day of arrival. If rooms ready for occupancy should be available earlier, the guest is welcome to move into the accommodation earlier than 3pm. In this case it is impossible to ensure a certain room number, room category, floor, location of the room, etc.

In general, rooms are allocated from 3pm until 11am on the following day. If a room is utilized for the first time before 6am the previous night counts as the first overnight stay. Guests have to clear the rooms on the day of their departure no later than 11am. In exceptional cases, upon arrangement, it is possible to vacate the room at noon. Should a guest not vacate a room until noon Orange Wings are entitled to charge the room rate for an additional night.

After noon on the day of departure the contract partner will not be able to open the originally booked room with the access key card (see point 5 liability). In the case of an early departure without previous arrangement Orange Wings will charge 100% of the difference to the previously booked arrangement.

4. Cancellation

A guest may withdraw from the contract with a written declaration before 3pm on the day of the intended arrival without having to pay a cancellation fee. The declaration of cancellation has to be transmitted to the Orange Wings site to which the original reservation referred by e-mail, fax or orally (in person or by telephone using the site's telephone number or OrangeLine) or online at (providing the reservation code) before 3pm on the originally intended day of arrival.

5. Liability

Orange Wings is not liable for “imported objects“ (according to the Austrian code of civil law) imported by the guest into the publicly accessible areas of the hotel. Orange Wings is liable for objects imported into the rented rooms according to the legal regulations; Orange Wings is not liable in the case of slight negligence. Before the activation of electric appliances imported by guests, which are not common travel necessities, Orange Wings has to comply with its usage. Austrian tort law applies in the case of damages caused by the guest.

The guest is liable for all damage or disadvantage caused to Orange Wings or third parties due to the fault of the guest, his/her company or any person the guest is responsible for, even in the case when the aggrieved party is entitled to damages by Orange Wings. Furthermore the guest is liable for all additional services caused by him/her, such as the opening of the room if the key card is accidentally left inside, the loss of the key card, access to the room after the period of validity of the key card, needlessly setting off the alarm or security measures, etc. Upon loss of the key card Orange Wings is entitled to bill this claim to the guest’s credit card, yet is not compelled to do so.

The guest has to document possible damages in or deficiencies of his/her room upon the acceptance of the booked room and report to the operator or the OrangeLine immediately, otherwise the room counts as being accepted with these damages or deficiencies. All ensuing damages or deficiencies are on the guest's account. Expendable materials (such as illuminants) running out during the term of lease do not have to be replaced by the guest.

6. Payment

Payment occurs on site by cash or credit card (Maestro/ec-card, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club). Cash payment is exclusively possible during the opening hours of the reception desk (5pm – 8pm in Krems; 8am -11pm in Wiener Neustadt). The agreed upon rate has to be paid at the beginning of the validity of the accommodation contract. Foreign currencies are not accepted by Orange Wings. Orange Wings is not compelled to accept cashless payment such as checks, credit cards, tokens, vouchers etc. All costs ensuing due to the acceptance of these methods of payment, such as telegrams and confirmations will be charged to the guest.

7. Cancellation conditions

The guest accepts that in the case of a non use of the accommodation no cancellation fees will be liable only in the case of a written or oral formal cancellation (see point 4 cancellation); cancellations arriving after 3pm will incur a cancellation fee equal to the full rate of the first nights stay. Cancellation in time depends on the punctual arrival of the written cancellation at Orange Wings or the personal cancellation / cancellation by telephone.

8. Miscellaneous

In the case of legal disputes ensuing from this contract, the contract partners agree on the jurisdiction of the local court, unless consumer protection law is applicable.

Effective since June 2007


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